Tax Advantages of Copier Leasing: Maximizing Business Savings

Letting equipment on lease can offer tax benefits. The lease payments are generally seen as business costs that may be deducted prior to taxes. Speak to your accountant about what this means for your company.

Outdated copiers can produce subpar prints. This can affect the look of your official documents and reflect badly to your image as a business.


One of the main benefits for leasing a copier is that there is a smaller initial cost of investment. This can be beneficial for businesses that have a limited cash flow. Additionally, lease payments are usually tax-deductible. It is possible that this will vary by location. Check with your accountant for further details.

Leasing agreements include maintenance as also. The cost can be lower for firms to lease rather purchase their own maintenance contracts in addition to aid them in keeping up with new technologies.

However purchasing a copier requires an initial investment of a substantial amount and may put stress on your company’s budget. Furthermore, it may be challenging to switch between providers in the event that a company’s needs for printing alter. This could be difficult in particular if business’s demands are not met under the contract with the provider currently in place. Furthermore, having a device can lead to higher long-term cost when interest and fees are considered. These considerations make it important to consider the pros and cons for both choices before making the decision.


Leasing permits companies to be flexible, and to align their monthly payments according to budget. It is common to deduct lease payments from costs for business as an added benefit.

A copier purchase is more affordable for the immediate time frame however, the long-term cost can be greater due to higher fees for interest and depreciation of the cost of a copier. Furthermore, purchasing a copier doesn’t offer the possibility in upgrading to the latest technology at the end of the lease.

A reputable leasing company will make sure that regular maintenance is done on equipment to ensure that businesses have access to the latest document management technology. It helps to prevent obsolescence, and keep businesses on the cutting edge. A majority of lease agreements include an option to buy the machine at the end of the lease. Business owners can purchase the machine at fair market value without having to cover the expensive costs of an equipment it doesn’t actually use. This is an important decision to consider when selecting an appropriate copier company.

Maintenance and repairs

A lease on a copier will generally require a maintenance agreement which may increase the cost of your monthly installments. Furthermore, you could be charged extra charges when you don’t use the number of copies/prints stipulated in the contract.

The insurance on your equipment could be required as part of a lease. It could increase the cost of your equipment and limit the extent of flexibility for your company. It is possible to purchase this insurance separately, or find out if the current insurance policy includes office equipment.

Spreading the expense across a set time frame that’s suitable to the business you run it is possible to take away the expense of buying office print equipment. This also lets you select more advanced devices than may otherwise be feasible as well as increase the efficiency of your business. The lease payments can be tax-deductible. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of leasing prior to you decide if it’s the best option for you. Get in touch with us to learn more or for a quote.

Make sure you upgrade your technology

Technology advances and you business might need to upgrade your copiers. Leases let you easily upgrade your machines and benefit in the most recent technologies without needing to make huge investments. This can Thue may photocopy Binh Duong be particularly important when you have to utilize high volume print jobs or require features such as scanning via Wi-Fi or printing on both sides of paper.

Another benefit of leasing is that it is possible to pay for the item and can be tax deductible. In the event that you buy an office printer or copier, there is no depreciation, and the only thing that can be claimed is the cost of the product. With that said, buying may be the better option for some organizations if they do not wish being locked into a contract for a number of years. When your company suddenly alters requirements, such as when it chooses to switch from color printing to digital file storage or discontinue using color printers. You can avoid this problem with a fair market value or fixed purchase option lease.