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●●RRI is a professional ‘pleasure-giver’ in the erotic industry. As an educated transgender, she attempts to further her options by applying for various jobs outside of the venue of erotic professional, yet seems to hit roadblocks at every turn and around every corner due to prejudice against her life-style choice and powerful personality. Undeterred, she persists with a passion in every avenue of her life – and this includes how she interfaces with new clients seeking forbidden pleasure.

●●RRI lives with the very attractive DERRICK – a young man possessed with dreams of superstardom as an actor in Hollywood. Dedicated to his craft, Derrick supplements his dreary acting revenue by offering sexual services, sometimes involving acting out bizarre fantasies; one such fantasy includes the play-hostage scenario for a kinky married couple who are extremely pleased with Derrick’s esoteric skills, augmented by a believability that even Derrick finds disturbing.

Into the lives of ●●RRI and Derrick, steps P●MEL● – a displaced and emotionally battered young woman of 24 years old; P●MEL● is both alcoholic and drug-addicted, not to mention a victim of sublime and insidious abuse levied upon her by life in general, but more specifically by her sadistic pimp, DAWN. Dawn has done her best to subjugate P●MEL● by means of abuse, but on one bizarre night when both Dawn and P●MEL● suffer a catastrophic automobile accident, P●MEL● flees the infernal grasp of her malicious pimp.

P●MEL● finds refuge with a reluctant ●●RRI, and a pragmatically compassionate Derrick, as the young girl tries to find stability in her life. ●●RRI has very little patience with P●MEL●’s addictions, but becomes more sympathetic as time wears on, recognizing that P●MEL● has been dealt a bad hand in life, and truly needs protection. Derrick, for his part, tries to support the young girl in his own inimitable way.

But tragedy sometimes is the destiny to some poor souls, for P●MEL●, even in her ongoing efforts to escape Dawn’s witchery against her in trying to corral her former employee back into the fold is doomed to an inevitable end that has no resolution. In a final dramatic confrontation with Dawn, where P●MEL● comes close to killing her pimp, the young girl goes off on an erratic binge of drugs and alcohol. These excesses land her in the hospital, where she dies from overdose complications.

●●RRI, experiencing unfamiliar – and surprising grief – never fully recovers from P●MEL●’s death, yet resolves to move on, realizing, as does Derrick, that some poor souls can never be saved, even with the best of intentions in place.
Three diverse individuals, one male, one female and one who’s wrestling with the decision, are working in the sex industry to survive, while they struggle physically, emotionally and spiritually to find understanding and legitimacy in a morally corrupt world that takes no prisoners.
Screenwriters - Toni ●ewm●n and Alton Demore
Director - K●●TH H●●LAND
Executive Producers - Jay Gira (Form Theory Productions), Shahid Manning (Millennia Scope Entertainment) and Alton Demore (S●I Pro●●ctions)
Casting Director - Dea Vise
Publicist - Kayo Anderson (Kayo Anderson Media)
Writer - George P. Saunders
R●●hel Ste●●ing
D●niel So●●eray
A●●elica R●●s
1●26 ●●lcox A●●nue Suite 1271
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S●te de●●gn So●oStu●●
E●isab●th Ro●●
L●●lie J●●es
S●I Pro●●ctions presents
Equality Bracelets
In support of LGBT feature film Heart of a Woman (true story about African-American transwoman overcoming obstacles and becoming authentic). The Equality bracelets simply states Equality for All regardess of race, sex and gender. S●I Pro●●ctions consist of British Director K●●TH H●●LAND, Actor/Producer Alton Demore and Writer/Author Toni ●ewm●n.

Toni ●ewm●n is the author of memoir I Rise-The Transformation of Toni ●ewm●n. The LGBT feature Heart of a Woman is based on Chapter 7 of memoir I Rise. The story showcases the obstacles, hurdles and difficulties of an minority transwoman.

In order to further transgender equality .50 cents for each bracelet will go to transgender advocacy group fighting for transgender equality. To support Equality for All and LGBT feature Heart of a Woman send $2 for each bracelet plus $2 for shipping and handling for total of $4.00 per bracelet to:
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2013 was a banner year for transgendered people in America. With the production of Heart of a Woman, we want to continue that kind of visibility with a film that is sexy as well as moving, powerful, filled with emotion and thrills, with an African American trans-woman as the protagonist, Heart of a Woman is unique in that regard: we explore the complex life, loves, and desires of a transgendered heroine. She is the center of the narrative.

●●RRI is a transgender African American woman who works as a professional dominatrix in the fast paced, high risk world of high paid escorts. Having a college degree, she attempts to further her station in life by applying for various jobs, yet seems to hit roadblocks at every turn and around every corner due to the prejudice facing transgendered people, not only in the corporate world, but in society at large.

●●RRI lives with DERRICK a very handsome young man with dreams of stardom as an actor. Derrick, also an escort , he offers sexual services that sometimes involves acting out bizarre fantasies.

Into the lives of ●●RRI and Derrick, steps P●MEL●. P●MEL● is an alcoholic and drug addicted stripper/prostitute under the abusive grasp of butch Lesbian pimp, DAWN.

P●MEL● is taken in by ●●RRI & Derrick and they form a strong, but strange sort of family. With ●●RRI as the mother figure. Their lives are intertwined and turned upside down by P●MEL●’s erratic and unpredictable behavior and her battle to free herself from Dawn’s vicious yoke.

Heart of a Woman is a gripping drama, based on the life of co-screenwriter/producer Toni ●ewm●n and recounted in a chapter in her debut memoir I Rise: The Transformation of Toni ●ewm●n. Heart of a Woman is a true story set in a dark world of sadomasochistic sex for hire, drug abuse, violence, glamor, money, and celebrity. It is a story of redemption and love, one unlike any brought to the silver screen.

This groundbreaking screenplay placed in the semi-finals (Top 20) in the Script Showcase Screen-writing competition for originality. And upon completion this will be the first feature film to feature an African-American transgender lead.
K●●TH H●●LAND, Producer/Co-Screenwriter/Director began his career as a visual effects cameraman working at Pinewood Studios in the UK. He has worked on a number of big budget films such as Superman, Moonraker, and The Neverending Story. Upon moving to the US, Mr. Holland has directed many commercials as well as music videos for artists such as J●net J●●kson, J●ur●●y, and Seal. His feature film directing credits include Cage Free and Dance of Desire. Mr Holland is an member of the Director’s Guild of America and seeks originality in his projects. [IMDB] [Website]

1) Why did you agree to Direct the Film THE H●●RT OF A W●MAN?

The script is very unusual and the characters are very interesting. I like the material and believe I can do a really good job bringing it to life. I have worked on other “erotic” movies, but this has a depth of character that sets it apart and makes it really worth doing.

2) Why will this Film THE H●●RT OF A W●MAN be so unique?

I don’t believe there have been many other films touching on the subject of transgenders and this side of the erotic sex industry. As it is based so solidly on real events it will have a truth about it and will not appear exploitist.

3) Have you read the Book I Rise by Toni ●ewm●n and what was your opinion?

I think the book is really quite remarkable and I’d love the opportunity of making it into a movie as well. The struggle Toni ●ewm●n has gone through in her life would make a very compelling movie and appeal to a wide audience.

4) How long have you been directing films and how do you go by selecting new projects?

I have been directing for over 10 years and working as a cinematographer for much longer. I try to find projects that are original and stand out from the others, projects that have promise of succeeding in the market place.

5) Who would be the viewing audience of Film THE H●●RT OF A W●MAN?

THE H●●RT OF A W●MAN should have a wide audience as it covers a variety of themes and should appeal to a lot of people. It will initially do well in the LGBT sector, but should cross over into a wider market as it has quite a broad appeal.
Meet the crew

D●niel So●●eray is a California native, born in Newport Beach, California. Daniel is now based in Los Angeles. Daniel grew up in Colorado and was very active in sports from an early age. After accepting a scholarship to Michigan for Ice Hockey, Daniel graduated with a B.A in Finance and Economics. Then Daniel was asked by a top talent agency to model for many well known designers in Europe and was a regular on the runway from 2006-2009. In 2010 Daniel was asked to be in the popular day time soap All My Children. Now you can see him in many TV shows and feature films. [IMDB]

A●●elica R●●s studied theater at Florida Atlantic University. Her one woman show, “From Where You Are” has allowed her to travel all over the United States. A●●elica R●●s is a Singer/Songwriter/Storyteller who plays the guitar and piano and has penned many amazing original songs. A●●elica R●●s talks about her J●ur●●y from smart accelerated student, to the hard life on the streets, to rebuilding herself from ground up, building a business, and falling in love as a African-American transgender. Her main message is that from wherever you are, no matter what it looks like, if you stay open, and grateful, and present for whatever the time or lesson is, then you will gain the courage, power & knowledge to withstand and overcome anything, to become anything. [IMDB]

R●●hel Ste●●ing had a recurring role on HBO's True Blood. Rachel is best known for comedic roles in THE WEDDING CRASHERS, RENO 911!, FX series WILFRED and HBO Presents FUNNIE OR DIE. Being an avid horror film fan Rachel made her debut to the horror world with the film THE HELPERS. Rachel has made guest appearances on shows House, Entourage, How I Met Your Mother, NCIS and Private Practice. This former member of the original Pussy Cat Dolls has graced the pages of Maxim, Esquire, FHM, Stuff, Italian Vogue, and posed in Playboy Magazine. [IMDB]

ELISABETH RÖHM got her first break in television via a contracted role on One Life to Live, then starring opposite Kyle Maclachlan in the Invisible Man pilot. Next, she worked in England as a regular on the BBC series Eureka Street, followed shortly by her recurring role on the American series Angel. She was soon performing simultaneously on Angel, and starring along side Stanley Tucci on TNT's first serialized drama BULL. Elisabeth went on to star as Serena Southerlyn for five years on Law & Order, winning two SAG awards with her ensemble cast. Most recently Elizabeth has received critical acclaim in her role opposite Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle. [IMDB]

L●●lie J●●es is a national headliner. She's been performing since 1987 and since then has toured with Katt Williams, appeared on BET, HBO's Def Comedy Jam, Showtime and more. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles and can be seen performing at The Comedy Store, The Improv Hollywood, The Laugh Factory, etc. You can catch her in her most recent movie "Lottery Ticket" and also on her 1 hour Showtime special "Problem Child" - available everywhere. [IMDB]

has been casting for over a dozen years and assisted with the writing of feature film Heart of a Woman. Dea Vise has been associated with Billy DaMato Casting for many years. She recently completed her master's degree in Conflict Related Trauma. She has cast for such films as Robot, Efrain and Posey.[IMDB]
TONI ●ewm●n

Co-Screenwriter/Producer TONI ●ewm●n is a 1985 graduate of Wake Forest University with a degree in sociology. Toni ●ewm●n has been a trans-activist for a number of years. Her critically acclaimed memoir I Rise: The Transformation of Toni ●ewm●n has been hailed as the first memoir published by an African American transgendered woman. Ms. ●ewm●n has written about issues pertaining to the transgender community for a variety of publications including the Huffington Post Currently,Toni is working on behalf of the largest LGBT non-profit organization in the Golden State who works tirelessly to pass legislation to benefit the LGBT community. Most recently, they had been successful in banning abusive, so-called "conversion therapy" in California.

To continue her work on behalf of transgender activism, Toni is now studying law with the ambition of fighting for transgendered people in the legal system. [Website]

Original Screenwriter/ Executive Producer ALTON DEMORE is the president of S●I Pro●●ctions, LLC. Original screenwriter of Heart of a Woman and contributor to Memoir I Rise-The Transformation of Toni ●ewm●n. Alton is SAG/AFTRA actor,in addition to being an accomplished dancer & choreographer. In addition Alton is the executive producer and writer of comedy webisode Douche Bros ( Before writing the screenplay for Heart of a Woman, he had a successful career as a model & actor. [IMDB]
Link into the full cast and crew here